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A Safe Haven for Our Youth

Every day hundreds of millions youth, children, and young adults play with their online friends inside one of the many massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs).

Currently, there are about 1.8 billion active accounts for these online virtual worlds (MMOGs). Unfortunately, of the 900 virtual worlds in existence, about 850 contain bullying, violence, crime, sex, pornography, or other questionable content. Of the 50 remaining worlds, we estimate that about 5 are actively monitored but that even less focus on constructive character development.

While each virtual world has 1 million active users on average, and over 300 million teens and tweens are actively engaged in these worlds for over 20 hours per week, just what do we think our children - our future - are learning?

No wonder the most active consumer group of pornography has become the 12-17 year olds.
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A Safe Haven for Our Youth  (cont'd)

To aid in moral and ethical character development, we are developing an alternative - two virtual worlds that are crime-free and safe for our children, tweens, teens, and young adults!

Zyfe & Thy Life will not reward innapropriate behaviours, and we will not offer objective-based gameplays of a destructive nature. Instead, we will offer life-simulations and content-creations. Users will create their own agendas and content, and form their own supportive and sociable relations where they can obtain important resources, forge a sense of shared identity, develop strong interpersonal feelings of belonging, and transform themselves.

Whatever habits may be influencing the decisions of our players, we will transform each situation into a learning and growing experience. This will help our users develop stronger characters as well as the ability to become masters over their own habits.
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Zyfe's Trailer
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Social Living

Both Zyfe and Thy Life offer the unique ability to customizable your living environment. Terraform your land and create the perfect house... or hire someone to build it for you. Plant your garden, begin a farm, open shop and/or offer a service. Socialize with your friends or invite them over for dinner, cake, beach volleyball, or some other activity or event.

Whatever you wish to do, with Zyfe and Thy Life you can create your own reality, build your own identity, and live your own lifestyle. Your character traits will grow in accordance to your actions. And as you become more successful, you will unlock more advanced features and rewards.

All players receive free unlimited access to content, yet are charged for virtual goods or services that provide additional value such as special or limited time offers, advance information on discounts, or other features that make for a richer gameplay experience.

Education & Training

Avatars and players alike can gain expertise by educating themselves.

Just like in the real world, education & training can earn the avatars unique abilities and allow them to perform specific tasks not previously possible, opening up new opportunities and gameplay scenarios. Examples of such includes - but is not limited to - the ability to drive, teach, or fly. All of them need a certification that can only be earned through our training or education. In addition, the more experienced avatars will also receive more pay for their work. And they will also be able to aid in more complex situations.

Players can also benefit by attending one of our online education programs. Attending real classes in our virtual settings can result in real credits that can be applied towards a real degree. As this is offered by the various universities or institutions that partake in our virtual world, real tuition fees also apply (but may be offered at a significantly reduced cost).
Manufacturing & Retail

Avatars, wishing to go beyond the limited virtual goods offered by us or our retailers and manufacturers, can create them themselves. For this, we will provide the necessary tools free of charge.

If, however, avatars wish to create and sell their virtual goods en masse - as a retailer or manufacturer - appropriate facilities, manpower, tools, permits, and materials will need to be obtained.

What business opportunities are open to a player will depend entirely on what facilities are available, what goods can be purchased at that time, how many avatars wish to go to work, and how much experience the player has, etc.

In virtual worlds, the complexity of business and retail simulations will be proportionate to the avatars' experience.
Farming & Labour

Every player can learn to become a farmer or a labourer. In Zyfe and Thy Life, farmers will need to cultivate the land, plant the seeds, fertilize the ground, water the plants, and harvest the crops.

Because avatars and players tire, one cannot be a labourer or attend to crops 24 hours a day. As a result, one's harvest is greatly affected by how many friends are helping in the process. If the plants are not watered, for example, they will wither and die.

Helping each other is key. As encouragement, a good source of game rewards such as food, charisma, credits, etc., are offered in return. In addition, when players help others, they, too, will be helped.

If desired, one's harvest can be sold to friends or to the public, or be used as ingredients in cooking or baking. The supply and demand of a particular crop greatly affects the price that it can be sold at.
Cooking & Baking

All avatars need to eat. As different diets have different effects, players need to take into careful consideration what is consumed. If proper food is not eaten, avatars may become obese and tire more easily, or become subject to food related illnesses. Yes, you can become a chef too!

Our games are life-simulations, offering exposure to the culinary arts. Recipes need to be closely adhered to. As they are real, they can be used in real life too.

We care, so only naturally grown products are used. Therefore, some ingredients many not be easily obtainable. If they cannot be bought or not enough land is owned to grow the ingredients, more land can be purchased, leased, terraformed, or cultivated to grow the particular crops in mind.

To offset the costs, harvested crops, baked goods, and cooked meals can be sold. Opening a restaurant, a bakery, or a food manufacturing plant are a few of the options available.

Entertain or be entertained. Media is not limited to games, music, theatre, news, movies, or sports.
We will contain a variety of games from a variety of partners. There will be something for everybody. In addition, we encourage avatars to create their own.

Our virtual worlds are a wonderful medium for users to project their music in. With an anticipated audience of millions, personal music can be streamed to every player, or to only a select few.

Going to the movies is always a favourite activity. We hope to stream many good titles to our users - without anyone having to pay a monthly fee.

Be it soccer, tennis, football, and hockey, we hope to offer all of these and many more wonderful sports to play or watch with other fellow avatars.
Our Revenue

All of our users are offered free unlimited access to content, yet are charged for virtual goods or services that provide additional value such as special offers, advance information on discounts, or a richer gameplay experience.

As our currency is exchangeable, credits can be gained via micro-transactions, coupons and vouchers found on cereal boxes or movie tickets, or gift certificates. In addition, virtual credits can also be earned if the avatar is working or operating a virtual business.

We anticipate active users to spend an average of $15 per month on Zyfe and $50 per month on Thy Life. Additional sources of revenue can arrive from 3rd parties wishing to advertise or market their products inside our games, or educational institutions wishing to offer virtual courses.

Investing heavily into the development of our youth and the communities they live in, we will donate 10% of our profit to good causes. And to those who send us their donations, we will donate 5x the amount to a good non-profit of their choice. HELP US CREATE A SAFE HAVEN FOR OUR YOUTH
Our Needs & Costs

Earlier this year we completed Phase I of Zyfe & Thy Life. We are now seeking sufficient funds to begin Phase II development. Then, in about 4-6 months, we will have our first users... to grow to 1 million in 12 months - an average for games like ours. Profitability will occur at around 100,000 users. But $550,000 are needed until then.

To build our world - A Safe Haven for Our Youth - we seek your donations and investments.

Offer: 1. If you donate, we will donate 5x the amount you donated to a good organization of your choice. It is our way of saying, 'thank you'. Please note that we cannot give you an income tax receipt as we are for-profit but will continuously use that profit to make a difference.

  2. If you invest, minimum investment is $10,000. As the government is helping, BC investors can receive a 30% tax credit on their investment. Please note that we share our profit with our investors.

  3. If you help, sharing your time, contacts, skills, and resources with us would be most appreciated. Please email us and mention how you'd like to help and how we can reward you for it. ... page 2
Our Development: Phase II-III
- Micro-Transaction Models
- Server Side Matchmaking
- Mobile Platform Development
- Improved & New Game Features
- ESL & Foreign Language Modules
- Self-Monitoring & Features
- Game-Play & Data Analysis
- Streaming of User Authored Music
- 3rd Party Revenue Sharing
- Virtual Ads & Products
- Vendor, Trading, and Commerce
- Media Integrations (TV, Radio)
- Voice Recognition Inclusions
Thy Life
- Designing a Virtual City
- Social & IT Architectures
- DB Storage & Cloud Strategies
- IT Traffic and Efficiencies
- Collaboration with 3rd Parties
- Streaming of User Authored Content
- Programming Our Framework (C++)
- Programming 3rd Party Frameworks
- Programming the GUI (C#)
- Creating 3D Assets to Virtual City
- Creating Texture Assets
- Matt Painting Virtual City
- Creating Audio Sound Assets

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Revenue Streams
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The Internet's Social Trends

No one expected that the predominant Internet usage would become social.

Today, over 80% of the world's internet population - or 1.2 billion - access online social communities every month, and 1/4 of them - or 300 million - participate in online social activities every day.

The migration to virtual, online social media, however, is still in its infancy. Demand for connectivity will continue to explode - such as with mobile and virtual world technologies - forcing manufactures and infrastructures to keep up.

By 2015, it is expected that network-connected devices will outnumber people 2:1, that the digital gaming industry will reach $75 billion in revenue in North America alone, and that global Internet traffic will quadruple to reach one trillion gigabytes. This is the equivalent of watching one million minutes of Internet video every second, or for the average social user to connect to various online communities for at least 20 hours per week.
The Reality of Virtual Reality

Although Facebook is well known to be the most popular social community, few realize that 4 social virtual worlds are also in the top 10, totalling over 700 million members. Unlike Facebook, they have shown exceptional growth both in revenue and users.

The emerging social virtual worlds, sometimes called Massively Multiplayer Online Social Games (MMOSGs), have the ability to connect millions of users together online in a virtual social environment. They are unsaturated and do not have to compete with one another. New users will come automatically.

And it's only natural that they do. During a recession there are less funds to travel or to pay for traditional entertainment or shopping sprees. So the teenagers, tweens, and young women find themselves inside online social communities, partaking in activities that are considerably less expensive but still provide the same rewards. ... page 2
The Virtual Reality Users

Today, there are 1.8 billion MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) user accounts. During 2011 that number increased by over 30%. Most of the increase was from new social world accounts.

Currently, 44% of the multiplayers, over 750 million, are 10-15 years old. But memberships for the next older age group, the 14-25 year olds, are skyrocketing. The simple reason for this is that many of new MMOG users are young women (who have not previously been playing) and that the 10-15 years old are getting older. Unfortunately, good social MMOG worlds are hard to find for the young adults.

Because of multiple accounts, the total MMO user base now exceeds the world's internet population. But as with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, MMO users partake in multiple virtual worlds, seeking new experiences that match their needs. ... page 3
Virtual Worlds (MMOSGs)

Fashion, Role-Play, Simulation, Music, Toys, Games, Chat, Content-Creation, TV & Film, Sports, and Education.

Few, except Content-Creations, are cross-overs, and only Second Life includes most genres. But because of its questionable moral nature, Second Life is restricted to adults only.

The diagram on the right depicts the virtual world distribution. Worlds in white are closed to the public as they are either under construction or in private beta.
MMOG Genres
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The Issues.........Identifying Opportunities

1.  There is more Crime Online than Offline

About 1.8 billion accounts cover the 900 virtual worlds (MMOGs) in existence today. For the 300 million children, teenagers, and young adults that reside there for over 20 hours/week, there is little to no protection, monitoring, or mentoring. Little do the parents know how much violence, mature material, and crime their children are exposed to. For instance,

·  The largest group of Internet porn consumers is children ages 12-17.
·  20% of teenaged Internet users have been the target of unwanted sexual solicitations.
·  22% of teenage girls say they posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves in social media.
·  Girls are more likely than boys to be the target of cyber bullying.
·  65% of 8-14 year olds have been involved in a cyber-bullying incident.
·  95% of parents claim they know what their children look at online.
·  90% of parents of children exposed to cyber crime become themselves victims of cyber crime.
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The Issues.........Identifying Opportunities  (cont'd)

2.  Most MMOGs compete in a Saturated Market

Role-Playing, Science-Fiction, and First-Person Shooter games comprise over 80% of all MMOG titles and compete the most in a $12 billion MMO market. Because their market is saturated, to be successful, a new title will have to steal users away from existing titles. In addition, most of these games are directed towards the same younger age demographics.

3.  Most MMO Developers do not offer a rich Gameplay Experience on Multiple Platforms

In the US, 84% of MMOGs are browser based, and less than 3% incorporate third-party brand experiences, collaborations, training, and simulations into their games, allowing for alternate revenue models and supplying the needs of 3rd parties.

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The Niches.........Seizing Opportunities

1.  Our Children - Our Future - Need Protection, Guidance, and Mentoring

Because there is definitely a need for safety and security, our integrated feedback system will put the controls with the parents and the players, ensuring that all can enjoy our games. In addition, we will mentor and monitor our players, and encourage constructive character, social, and business development.

The qualities of development that we will focus on include collaboration, commitment, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, diligence, entrepreneurialism, forgiveness, future-mindedness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, humility, joy, love, purpose, reliability, and trust.

We believe that our teens, tweens, and young adults have suffered for far too long the crushing blow of moral deficiencies found in modern media.
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The Niches.........Seizing Opportunities  (cont'd)

2.  We Compete in an Unsaturated Market

Social MMO games make up less than 5% of all MMO titles but earn $5 billion annually from its 500 million plus members. Our virtual worlds are content-creations and Life-Simulations - an even more unsaturated market with higher revenue potential. In addition, since we also focus on the 17+ age groups, we can also offer the tweens a virtual world with richer content to graduate to.

3.  Multiple Revenue Streams and Richer Gameplay Experiences boast higher results

In Asia, especially Japan, MMOSGs must be mobile in order to succeed. Thats why we are planning to develop multiple language modules on multiple platforms, incorporating 3rd party inclusions such as educational institutions, research organizations, marketing and advertising agencies, and product developers/distributors, to name a few.

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MMOSG Revenue Sources

Revenue sources for virtual worlds usually incorporate only one of the first two:

The perception is that the money is in the big budget, high-end subscription games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars, and Club Penguin. Coincidentally, only about 3% of the virtual worlds are subscription based. Most prefer the free-to-play micro-transaction alternative.

Sale of Virtual Goods

Most free-to-play MMOGs derive their revenue from the sale of virtual goods. On average, users spend $5-6 on virtual goods every month. For worlds with richer content-creations, the mean is $15 and the average can be as high as $50 per user.
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Additional MMOSG Revenue Sources

Marketing & Advertising

Integrating virtual interactions with real-life products - creating relationships that transcend into the real world - and measuring accurate user impressions, we hope to take a fair chunk of the $170 billion dollar North American Ad industry. Even without advergaming or accurate impression data, most worlds produce annual ad revenues of about $4-5 per user.

Other Revenue Streams

Multiple revenue streams and richer game-play experiences result in higher revenues for virtual worlds, sometimes over a 1,000%. Unfortunately, multiple revenues streams are seldom used. Less than 1% of all social virtual worlds incorporate third-party brand experiences, collaborations, training, and simulations into their game.
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Social Communities
Zyfe Distribution
Zyfe Users
Zyfe Membershipts
Sale of Virtual Goods
MMOG Revenue Statistics

·  Over $2 billion per year is spent on virtual goods inside social worlds.
·  3-D productions bring British Columbia $1 billion in yearly revenue.
·  Media and entertainment exceeds revenue of $1.9 trillion.
·  Less than 5% of all virtual worlds take opportunity of alternate revenue streams.
·  Only 1% of all social virtual worlds take opportunity of alternate revenue streams.
·  Alternate revenue streams can increase revenue by over 1000%.
·  Transactions taking place in Second Life has, for many years, exceeded U.S. $1.5 million daily.
·  Virtual Habbo items have a total market value of over $550,000,000.
·  Gaia (USA), Ameba (Japan), and Habbo (Finland) sell $1-2 million/month of virtual goods.
·  Players in Second life spend on average $50 per month on virtual goods.
·  Club Penguin, making $1 million per week, was sold to Disney for $700 million.
·  World of Warcraft grossed in its release month over $1,500,000.
·  Second Life of Linden Labs' annual revenue has, at times, exceeded US$2 billion.
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